Are There Too Many Deal Of The Day Sites Around?

It's a familiar Internet store model: a single product at a discounted price, on sale for just 24 hours. But just how many such sites can Australia sustain?

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At media blog Mumbrella, Camille Alacorn discusses the recent glut of new sites such as Ouffer. Her conclusion? This could be a case of too much of a good thing:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea and in the US it’s now estimated to be worth $5bn per annum. But Australia is nowhere nearly as big as that market. In order for these sites to survive, much less expand and grow around the country – as some of cases may be – aggressive brand differentiation will be key. But even having said that, my guess is the likelihood of all of these sites surviving will be slim indeed.

It's a fair argument, but it makes me wonder: what kind of features and products would you want on this kind of site? Are there already too many out there, or do the existing players need shaking up with some competition? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Did you see that gap in the market? Oh wait, it’s gone [Mumbrella]


    this consumerism is one of the many ills of modern society. you dont need this crap so dont buy it

    I regularly check - although admittedly not every day -, and

    The latter site hasn't had a deal up for many weeks now, and it does make you wonder if there are enough deals available to service all the deal-of-the-day sites around...

    Some are working for me quite nicely
    There are too many and some suck big time.

    Most of them don't offer much for sale worth buying imo. Occasionally have something good value but by the time I get to it in the evening its sold out. Usually though I just check because anything of interest from any of the sites will inevitably be posted there.

    I find my mave site. Deals are good. innoavtive things on offer. I subscribe to the daily email so get a heads up which is good because things go on sale at Midnight. And there are forums where you can discuss the product on offer with other users unlike many other sites. is another one. though, it should be called 3-day because they are offering 3 deals a day! :) lists a whole bunch of Australian deal of the day type sites all together. Saves checking in with all of your favourites every day. If your favourite one is not already listed you can suggest new sites

    And another new aggregator site has just started up .. All the deals

    Maybe the title should be “Are There Too Many Deal Of The Day tracker Sites Around?”

    I've found the best aggregator site is which goes above and beyond my expectations.

    As opposed to deal of the day and thinking more along the lines of deal of the week, does the current weeks stores catalogs.

    Finally, the best price comparator website I've found is which I use to double check before my ebay bids.

    Darius is right about the bulk of the One Day sites and also the rest, but I follow my own rule that if it is something I really do need, wait till it is on sale at a discount and never impulse buy. I have bought DVD burners, NAS Drives, spare phone batteries etc this way, not kitsch.

    More than a year has gone by since this article was written and it certainly is interesting to see that not only have these aussie deal sites survived, their numbers have multiplied exponentially, with over 30 daily deal sites to be found. It seems we just can't get enough of a good deal. But has anyone else noticed that the deals offered aren't as good as they used to be? From here on, it is definitely survival of the fittest. May the best deal site win!

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