Almost One-Third Of Domino’s Pizza Sold Online

Almost One-Third Of Domino’s Pizza Sold Online

Here’s the latest nugget of data in the ongoing war between Domino’s and Pizza Hut for Internet (and iPhone) pizza supremacy: according to Domino’s, 29% of its orders are now placed online.

While Domino’s is now claiming 300,000 downloads of its iPhone app (up from 150,000 late last year), it’s worth noting that the 29% figure covers all online platforms — clearly ordering from your laptop is just as frequent a choice. Whatever the device, it seems clear that hitting the phones to make an actual call is becoming a less popular alternative.


  • I order dominos online from home on our desktop computer instead of ringing for a number of reasons:

    1. it takes them forever to answer the phone (I’ve actually had it ring out once or twice)
    2. you can barely hear them over the background noise
    3. they can barely hear you for the same reason and inevitably stuff the order up.
    4. I can order with a credit card and not have to give them the number over the phone. (I did that once or twice then fell victim to CC fraud. I’m not saying the person at dominos did it, but it sure made me paranoid about giving the number to a real person who could just write it down as I’m saying it.)
    5. Its faster, easier and more relaxing.

  • I’ve used it a few times after finding out they have Gluten Free options…
    I can tell you that Pizza tastes SO good after 4 years of no pizza!

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