ACCC Will Use Tweets For Product Recalls

We've noted around here before that people don't read newspapers much anymore, and that's now having an impact in some unusual ways. The ACCC — which is responsible for product safety recalls as well as slapping around dodgy companies — wants to change the way recalls are issued after realising that newspaper ads often don't get noticed.

Last year alone the ACCC issued 779 recalls, but not all of these were effectively communicated to potentially affected consumers, an analysis of the system finds. Alongside its traditional methods — newspaper ads and random pieces of paper in the foyer of your local supermarket — the ACCC has been upping the digital ante, launching a specific recalls site, a Twitter account and a "recall widget" for embedding in other sites.

No recall system is likely to be perfect, but it's good to see the ACCC looking to exploit other communications methods.



    Wow did not know they did this. I get a lot of twitter feeds as it is and am more likely to really take note with Google reader - which the link above also has (another) link too. Where would I be without you life hacker.

    Livin dangerously I suppose.

    It's good to see the ACCC moving with the times and making notifications available for those of us who don't buy newspapers. I think it is worth mentioning that the recall announcements are also available through email alerts and RSS at the following URL:

    Now with a small amount of hardware, you could have the car you're driving tell you to pull over because it is no longer safe to drive.

    Nice people will be able to add their own product recalls with twitter hacks.

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