ABC iView App Coming For The iPad

Portable video viewing is a big selling point for the iPad, but it's currently no good for watching the ABC's iView service, since it doesn't support the Flash format used by the broadcaster. Fortunately for iPad owners awaiting their deliveries, an official iPad app for iView is in the offing.

On the ABC's iView discussion board, an ABC moderator confirms that an iPad iview application is being developed:

The plan isn't to port iView to HTML5, however we are looking to release an iPad native app version of iView instead.

It's a pity the ABC hasn't chosen to go the HTML5 route, since that would open up the service to a potentially much wider range of devices. That said, it's still welcome news for iPad soon-to-be-owners (though clearly an application you'd use over Wi-Fi, no matter how good our local plans seem).

Incidentally, the same post also indicates that an iPhone/iPod Touch client is also being worked on but is proving more challenging, since those devices don't have the same video compression options.

ABC iView


    Of course it is. Right after the iPad cures cancer. I mean going by the hype it'll do that right?

    shame it wont be available on the iphone. us poor cousins will have to make do

    Am I the only person who thinks this quote seems a bit strange, especially considering the current animosity between Apple and Adobe?

    "Also, we expect much better performance for iView on OSX in the near future as Apple and Adobe have been working on better support for hardware acceleration for Flash video."

      Not strange. Apple recently opened up their API's to allow plugins access to hardware acceleration. Adobe has already updated their beta version of the 10.1 plugin using the new hardware accelerated api. Results are mixed.

      Unfortunately this only works on the latest NVIDIA supplied Macs, which is a bit of a crock as I've just bought the latest Mac Pro with upgraded ATI Radeon graphics, which is not supported even though it's more powerful.


    @poedgirl Apple recently provided new APIs for hardware acceleration in OS X 10.6.3, though only for specific video cards. Adobe announced that it will use the APIs where possible. See:


    Now, If only Telstra would allow iView as an unmetered site

      If only people would wake up and stop using Telstra.

        If only other providers would pull their fingers out and provide a comparable network to enable people to stop using telstra!

    Old news. Computerworld had the story in April.

      The Computerworld story says that the ABC will "try" and deliver services to devices "like the iPad". Not as solid or specific a confirmation, I'd say.

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