A Simple Prescription For A Slimmer Wallet

The Minimal blog posits that there's only one way to make your wallet easier to get at and carry around: make it smaller.

To do that, it provides suggestions for three minimalist wallets, four things to pack in that wallet and four common carry-around items you can do without — including getting rid of discount cards through smartphone pictures or, perhaps, a combined card. [Minimal via Boing Boing]


    I've recently discovered the Mighty Wallet . It is made from tyvek, the think non-rip material that express mail envelopes are made from. It is very thin and comes in many printed designs.

      Mighty Wallet looks very "meh".
      No good designs, would probably fall apart within 5-minutes.

        Country Road have one for about $29.95 in their stores. 6 spaces. 3 card space on the front and 3 money/receipt slots in the middle of it.

        I've had a mighty wallet for years, and they're very tough. They don't fall apart, because they're 1 piece of Tyvek.

        They're also very thin and light; moreso than leather.

    @Ecstatic MIGHTY WALLETS RULE!!! I have had my Tattoo Mighty Wallet for over a year and it still hasn't fallen apart. Plus there is also over 40 designs so how can you say there are no good ones, that simply is a matter of taste and yours must be bland. I wonder how many people comment on the above wallet when you take it out of your pocket?

    I've had a Mighty Wallet for over a year and no complaints and still going strong. I've got the Air Mail one, but if you were worried about the designs, there is the plain black one which is pretty inconspicuous.


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