A Bucket List You Can Get On Board With

Here at Lifehacker we're fairly bullish about the importance of setting goals, but an overloaded list of stuff you want to get done can be its own source of stress. Blogger Mike Sowden counters that trend with a list of things to do before you die that you've probably already done.

Picture by deadalexsander

Sowden's list includes such gems as "Read a book. Any book." and "Play with something until it breaks." He also challenges people to see how many of the list they've already done; my score was 46 (I haven't eaten until I can't breathe, parted my hair in a different way, used a leaf as a bookmark or played Poohsticks). How did you do?

50 Amazingly Achievable Things To Do Before You Die [Fevered Mutterings]


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