Young, Male And Drunk? No Wonder You Just Lost Your Phone

Surveys often exist to reveal the obvious. It's no surprise to discover that the most likely place to lose your phone is in a taxi or on public transport, followed by being on holiday or in a pub.

Picture by doctor_keats

A survey of 1,001 Australians by F-Secure suggests that losing a mobile is a pretty common experience, with 32% of respondents saying that had happened to them. Men apparently lose phones more often than women (39% versus 26%), though that presumably doesn't include the time spent rummaging in handbags to find them. (If your phone does go missing, be sure to check out our notes on how to protect your phone data.)


    Oh wait, 'check out our notes on how to protect your phone data' - would that be the notes that suggest you can't really expect any chance of getting your phone back if you protect your phone data? I'm so confuzzled!

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