Xmarks For Firefox Syncs Open Tabs Between Browsers

Xmarks For Firefox Syncs Open Tabs Between Browsers

Firefox: Fans of the Xmarks bookmark and password syncing service, rejoice. You can now close down any Firefox browser connected to Xmarks and open whatever tabs you left standing on another browser. It’s a nice little bit of worry reduction.

Mozilla’s own Weave tool added tab syncing in its 1.0 release, so its nice to see Xmarks catch up to the competition. But given that Xmarks works, in one form or another, across Safari and Internet Explorer as well, a future update could make tab syncing much more convenient for the home/office divide.


Xmarks states that it uploads your window and tab status in the background, when your browser has a “quiet moment”, so it might not always pick up every last tab, especially before a crash. It is, however, a nice piece of mind that costs you nothing. Xmarks is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

Tab Sync in Xmarks for Firefox! [Xmarks Blog]


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