Why Taking Crap Photos Is No Bad Thing

"As a photographer, you have to push yourself all the time. I take a lot of crap." UK wildlife photographer Andy Rouse (at the recent Focus on Imaging conference) offers a reminder why taking lots of photos is preferable to endless attempting to frame theperfect shot. That's what the delete key is for.


    Taking lots of photos is no bad thing [sic], even if some are crap. That's different to taking crap photos.

    an artist must suffer in order to produce great work. That's what drives us to go further & eventually exceed our high expectations.. If it was easy, then why do it?

    Unfortunately, this advice is from a professional photographer. Most non-photographers just take loads of crap photos because they can just delete them, but never learn the basics of photographic composition. I own 3 digital cameras, but still like to use one of my two film cameras occasionally to remind me to think about composition, lighting and especially not to leave extraneous details in the background.

    The idea is to recognise which of the 200 photos of Subject A is the least crap, and keep its characteristics in mind for next time, so that hopefully a photographer will slowly build up a 'feel' for what makes a good shot.

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