Why Do Newspaper Delivery Fees Vary So Much?

Why Do Newspaper Delivery Fees Vary So Much?

Regional Australians often get a raw deal when it comes to everything from HD television to 3G broadband choices. Here’s an unusual example of just how much charges vary depending on where you live: newspaper delivery fees.

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The Australian Newsagency Blog reports on how charges for newspaper home delivery, as set by News Limited, will rise next week. Although there's a general trend of rising costs, what's odd is how widely these vary: NSW, the most populous state, is seeing the highest level of overall increases (up 25% for a seven-day delivery). While charges would obviously vary depending on the newsagent's catchment area, the fees don't seem to directly reflect that, or the economies of scale that might apply in different areas.

While print newspapers are a dying market, there's no obvious answer as to what is going to replace them. With confusing cost models like this, however, it seems hard to believe new readers are going to sign up.

Variation in newspaper home delivery fees [Australian Newsagency Blog]


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