Vodafone And 3 Switch Mobile Broadband Plans To Month-To-Month

Vodafone and 3 have both long offered good value in 3G broadband (whatever you might say about the speed), but with the caveat that you had to sign up to a 24-month contract. A refresh to its plans today eliminates that nuisance, with the same value offered on month-to-month rolling contracts.

While there's been a number of other adjustments, the big shift is the introduction of plans with a one-month contract, ranging from $15 for 1GB to $49 for 8GB. That's essentially the same prices that Vodafone and 3 were previously charging for long-term contract users. You can either use your own modem or purchase one for $79. Super-casual broadband customers would probably still prefer pay-as-you-guy, but as an insurance policy for when ADSL goes down, $15 a month with no lock-in is pretty cheap.



    Great news and this will make grabbing a security or insurance USB plan a lot easier for people. Their $149 for a USB and 12GB (365 days) is also great value.

    Almost seems as though they are preparing for the iPad and its option that exists in the US to purchase 1 month at a time whenever...

    Sounds like they're gearing up to sell monthly internet plans to owners of a certain 3G device known for internet at a monthly cost.

    I'm beginning to see VERY COMPETITIVE iPad 3G pricing...

    This is new? I signed up with 3 Mobile Broadband in September last year on a month-to-month contract and was paying $39/month for 6GB - the same as my partner on a 24 month contract.

    The only difference I can see is that while I paid $129 for my modem, they're now charging $79.

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