View Thru Displays The URL Behind The Shrunken URL

Chrome: If you prefer to see the site you're clicking through to before clicking on a shrunken URL, View Thru displays the source URL as a mouse-over pop-up display.

Although shrunken URLs are great for character-restricted services like Twitter and tidying up long shared links, they obscure the source URL from the end-user. If you prefer to take a peek before clicking on a URL, View Thru can help.

Once installed, View Thru requires no interaction from you. Add it to Chrome and from there out any time you come across a shrunken URL a simple mouse-over will reveal the source URL in a simple white pop-up. In the example screenshot above the shortened URL matches up with the content of the message - the message is about great games at Days of Wonder and the link points to the Days of Wonder website.

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View Thru [Google Chrome Extensions via Download Squad]


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