Use Incognito Mode To Mooch Computer Time

Many people wrote off the incognito and private-browsing modes introduced recently in popular web browsers as for the paranoid and porn-obsessed only. It turns out they're also great for mooching computer time without disturbing the owner's logins and settings.

When you're borrowing time on a friend's computer it hardly seems polite to log them out of their favourite services. This clever trick lets you access popular services without having to make your friend log in and out just to share their browser with you. Reader Pedro Poblete highlights a practical use for incognito mode:

When using someone else's computer to check email/social networking, start private browsing (control+shift+p) in Firefox or incognito mode (control+shift+n) in Chrome, so you don't have to log them out from their Gmail or Facebook

It's an idea fix the problem. You get to log into all your accounts, you don't inconvenience the computer's owner by logging them out of any sites, and your own logins and browsing history aren't recorded. If you have a clever trick you want to share, sound off in the comments.


    As our work's email is hosted in in Google apps, it's a common occurrence to open an in-private browsing session on an employee's computer to log in as the administrator to check settings. A few times, I have had three or four different log-ins on one pc while troubleshooting (Employee's logon, Administrator Logon, My Logon, and Personal email logon)

    As more and more services are hosted in the cloud, this will become more of a regular occurrence for the pc gurus out there.

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