Use Brasso To Save Your Scratched Discs

Yesterday, we noted that Vaseline and toothpaste were useful when trying to rescure a scratched CD, DVD or other optical disc. Reader Robert offers a less obvious but possibly more helpful suggestion: Brasso.

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Brasso (yes the trophies cleaning stuff) also works a bit better than toothpaste and is preferred for highly scratched discs. I’ve used it successfully to save a few of my kids Wii games.

Remember to work from the inside edge to the outside edge of the disc and not around in a circular as you will make the disc worse.

Also remember to lay the disk on a soft flat surface, such as a towel on a kitchen table, and not try to work the scratches out while holding the disc (I’ve snapped a disc in half from applying too much pressure rubbing while holding the disc by its edges with my fingers).

Thanks Robert!


    I read the artical yesterday about using vaseline
    I have used Braso on four CDs so far and have excellent results. One CD had multipule scratches and some very deep, the CD would not work. Five minutes with braso and all the scratches were gone and the CD worked. With vaseline I didn't know if your filling the scratches or wearing out scratches. If its like Braso and wearing them out then it would take a lot of rubbing.

    I was under the impression that the new formula was no good for this, and that only Brasso's old formula would help, while the new formula would actually completely ruin your disks.
    True or false?

      I purchased my Braso along time ago so will be the old formaula (didn't know they had changed the formula) I only way it would ruin a CD is if it stained it or softened the plastic. When the CD is badly scratched I start with hard rubbing and keep reducing the pressure till only light rubbing. Finish off wiping down with a clean cloth and wola a CD without scratches

    I used the new brasso formula to clean my CD, it DAMAGED my cd. Old brasso formula will remove all scratches, while the new formula left huge amount of hairline scratches.

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