US-Purchased iPads Don’t Like The Australian App Store

US-Purchased iPads Don’t Like The Australian App Store

This isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s worth noting if you’re so keen to get an iPad that you can’t wait for the Australian release later this month. Nick over at Gizmodo reports that newly-imported iPads won’t access the Australian version of the iTunes App Store, meaning you can’t easily purchase new apps for the device on the go.

Gizmodo commenters have noted that there are a few ways around that restriction, such as using a US iTunes gift card to set up a US account or syncing apps directly from your PC or Mac, and that anyone who was that keen to get an iPad would likely already have a US account set up. While both are true, it is yet another reminder that Apple products are very rarely about giving consumers a range of choices.

US iPad Has Restrictions For Australian App Store [Gizmodo]


  • For the iPhone “mobility” means as long as you aren’t internationally mobile.

    If you look at the terms of use for iPhone apps, you can see that Apple can unilaterally deny you access to them (or upgrades thereof) when you are not in your own country.

    Welcome to iRegionCoding.

    • Check the comments on the Gizmodo story. The iPad apps are available via search in the Australian App Store if you browse on your Mac or PC. Then it’s a simple case of synching your iPad. I’ve purchased books through the Kindle app from Amazon, have downloaded free comics in the Marvel app, and with a US account (not requiring a credit card or PayPal account) was able to download free iPad apps including the iBooks software. You can’t currently buy books from the iBooks store in Australia but you can use a service like to convert your non-DRMed PDFs to ePub and drag them into your iTunes library and synch it to the iPad.

      There are limitations until the Australian app stores are up, but I’ve been able to download vitually everything except iBooks so far.

      Create a US iTunes account without a credit card:

      Convert your PDFs into ePub format and synch them to your iPad:

    • And the comment my mike is proof that Apple can do anything. This is the most pro apple comment ever. I just bought a mac book pro? but the pro apple, everything is wonderful commentary is making me want to take it back. Cause just like small puppies sucking at their mummies last tit, you’ll take it all.

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