Turn Your Garbage-Bound Leftovers Into A Panade

No matter how hard you try, it happens: leftovers. If your fridge has filled up with the leftovers of past days and weeks, put them to use by turning them into a Panade—a stuffing-like meal where anything goes.

It's not super pretty, and people who get squeamish when they don't know what's in their food probably won't give it a second look—but it's another great way to stop throwing away perfectly good food. The base is some leftover (even stale) bread and chicken or vegetable broth. The rest of the filling is whatever your heart desires (or whatever no longer fits in your fridge)—onions, chard, mustard greens, celery, sausage, chicken, nuts—seriously, anything you can find (some thought about what would taste good together couldn't hurt, though). The actual preparation is not unlike making stuffing, so kitchen hounds will find cooking it a piece of cake. Hit the link for the full recipe, and if you've ever tried something like this and have any tips for us newbies, let us know in the comments!

Rustic Dinner: How to Make a Panade from Leftovers [The Kitchn]


    Had to double take at the title..."Turn your Garage-Band leftovers into a Panadol"? ...my music isnt that bad guys.

    I thought Lifehacker AU wasn't going to be making posts today, on the Anzac day public holiday..

      We weren't scheduling any Australian posts for Monday -- the US feed is still going. (Though I ended up doing two local posts over the weekend, thus messing up any long weekend plans anyway.)

    The other alternative is to make a frittata.. Mix leftover veggies/sausages/pasta with a few beaten eggs with salt and pepper, pour it into a pan, reduce heat and let the thing set. You can flip it over and cook on both sides if you can be bothered. chuck it on a plate and cut into wedges.

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