TPG Uncapped Broadband Hard To Come By

TPG Uncapped Broadband Hard To Come By

When we reported on TPG’s plans for an uncapped broadband service last month, we noted that the details were a little hazy. According to one Lifehacker reader, the deal isn’t easy to come by.

Reader James wrote in to tell us that even existing TPG customers are having trouble signing up:

Seems like TPG is offering sign ups for their unlimited ADSL2+ plans. However, it’s not allowing certain customers (namely, me) to do a change of plan. They say that the service is ‘limited to certain exchanges’. I’ve already looked at three different customer plans in three different exchanges, and none of them have an option. I wonder whether it is a publicity hoax….

Had any luck getting onto an uncapped plan, from TPG or elsewhere? Tell us in the comments. Thanks James!


  • I was able to join the new uncapped plan. I was on the 80GB ADSL2+ with VOIP for 49.99 and there was no hassle for me to change to the 130GB with VOIP for the same price. I have been with TPG for a few years though, don’t know if that makes much of a difference.

    • Im the Nick he thanks, its only Sydney for the time being. My best guess would be 2-4 months.

      I think this is a test on the network to see how well it will work.

      On whirlpool TPG have a set of staff they go on there , its great :),
      Quote from a TPG rep.

      Plan will be available in other states when we complete our backhaul upgrade.

  • I got it the day it came out, I’ve been with TPG for a year now and it’s been great. They upgraded my plan in less than 5 minutes! They only seem to be rolling it out to exchanges that have plenty of capacity, so not everyone I know could get it.

  • How can an exchange less than 2km from the Brisbane CBD not have enough capacity? If they can offer 2MBs downstream, this is not a capacity issue but more like they are pushing the boundaries of fair and accurate marketing.

  • At least you guys aren’t in Melbourne, where ADSL2+ is pretty much impossible to come-by. Pretty much all the exchange slots are full and Telstra in all their anti-competitive glory won’t allow access to other ISP’s.

  • I love it how they are trying to do the right thing by customers and not offer service where they can’t fulfill it yet people still complain. They’ve clearly said that services will be offered when an exchanges back-haul is upgraded to a level where customers will be happy with the performance.

  • I haven’t tried to get the plan but last night TPG were sprucing it on A Current Affair and IIRC there was no mention of limited availability.

    It was like one really long ad though. ACA made it seem like the only ISPs are TPG, iiNet and some other one I hadn’t even heard of!

  • Avoid TPG like the plague. I used them for 2 years and they were nothing but trouble. Horrific network reliability and THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced from ANY company. Pay a little extra and go for a great ISP like InterNode.

  • Apparently TPG has to upgrade their backhaul to the exchanges before they can offer unlimited on the exchange, which makes sense.

    Thankfully even though I couldn’t get unlimited I got an extra 160gb for the same price with the new plans.

  • This issue isn’t with the exchanges. If you bother to read what TPG have said on Whirlpool, they are in the process of upgrading their backhaul links (most likely integrating them with some pipe infrastructure) and that needs to be completed before they can enable to unlimited plans in further areas.

    Patience is a jedi.

  • I have been with TPG since their plans were $50 for 25peak/25offpeak…. now because I share the bill with my brother, we pay for the $90 for 150gig plan. It caps us to 4mb/s. We’ve had no issues with it what so ever.

    Our exchange is Epping in Melbourne.

    Basically, if you can get the service, in my opinion there’s probably no other deal that can beat them.

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