Top 10 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life, 2010 Edition

Top 10 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life, 2010 Edition

We live out so much of our modern lives on personal computers and web servers — yet so much of it is messy and overstuffed. Clean up your email, fix your files, and tidy up your digital life with these 10 tips.

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We last delved into the “digital life” in July 2007 (when Lifehacker’s Australian edition hadn’t even launched), when Gina tackled this very topic. We’ve seen, and even created, new tools since then. So, in keeping with the conclusion of our Ultimate Clutter Cleanout, we decided to craft a new list of tools we think helps makes a life of 1s and 0s, computers and creation, feel much less frantic and disorderly.

10. Declutter And Streamline Google Reader Feeds

streamlines and declutters his Reader inboxYahoo Pipes

9. Clean Up Your Contacts

complete (for now) guide to fixing Google ContactsOutlook Duplicate Items RemoverOutlook Duplicate Items Remover

8. Compact And Manage Social Network Alerts

two-part filtering and management scheme for social networksNutshell Mailshow off our Facebook-taming Gmail filter

7. Build Yourself Serious Gmail Filters

10 of our own filtersahemSyphirSyphir

6. Pack A More Efficient Laptop/Go Bag

our bagsNYT tech columnist David Pogue carries

5. Clean Out Your Hard Drive

showed us how its doneDisk Space FanWinDirStatDisk Inventory XGrand Perspectivesetting up CCleaner to run on a schedule

4. Free Up Space In Gmail

New York Timesrecommends
access to Gmail when it’s down

3. Automate Your Folder And File Organisation

automatically clean up and organise your foldersBelvedereHazelstep-by-step explainer

2. Use Dropbox — For Almost Everything

Dropboxultimate password syncerany file on your systemjust about anything

1. Ban Cables And Clutter From Your Desktop

$6 coat hangerbinder clips attached to a desktransient thingstransient stuff

Look back at the last year or two. What’s the best move, or simple system, you’ve implemented to clean out your own digital clutter? Share your success in the comments.


  • I got just a few bits of timber and whipped up some monitor stands (raising them just 5-10cm off the desk) now i have space for things to slide under and i also bring my cables around the back and through them. keeps mess behind the computer and also cleans up the cables

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