TIO Ups Complaint Resolution Threshold To $30,000

TIO Ups Complaint Resolution Threshold To $30,000

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman remains the main port of call for customers who can’t get satisfaction over billing glitches from their communications providers (as well as a useful resource for learning how to get better deals). In good news for consumers, the TIO has now increased its capacity to deal with complaints, allowing it to issue binding resolutions on disputes involving amounts up to $30,000.

Previously, the TIO had an upper limit of $10,000. While it’s hard to imagine having a bill from your ISP or phone company larger than that, the TIO says it has dealt with cases involving $50,000 in mobile data use, and a whopping $215,000 in excess Internet charges.

It can also now issue recommendations on disputes up to $85,000, up from $60,000, though those won’t be binding. The new rules come into place from May 1.


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