Thrifty Minimalism: The Office Craigslist Built

If you've considered overhauling your office but resisted because it seems too expensive and would require too much new stuff, you'll want to check this minimal and inexpensive office setup out.

Lifehacker reader stoicjim had a messy and ineffective office—I can relate to the messy and out of control door-as-desk catastrophe, see my extreme office makeover—that he'd put up with for far too long. He writes:

I originally built a 8 foot table from 2X4's and melamine, painted white and grey and used that as my main desk for many (too many) years. In the old photo the table is where the black armoire is now and most of the items are now gone except for the brown mug just in front of the printer on the right and the LCD monitor. The table and the armoire on the right were Craiglist finds and cost, respectively $US25 and $US100. I painted both black and refinished the table top. The bookcase is from IKEA.

So for under $US200 in Craigslist and IKEA loot—and that bookshelf could have easily come from Craiglist too, with some patient searching—plus some elbow grease to refinish and repaint his finds, he ended up with a beautiful desk and matching storage armoire.

Thrifty Minimalism: The Office Craigslist Built [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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