Think Creates Dynamic And Easily Exported Mind Maps

One of the barriers to adopting a new tool, especially for a traditionally pen-and-paper activity like brainstorming, is the new tool's learning curve. Think over comes that with dead simple mind-map creating and easy exporting.

Think keeps things simple via an uncluttered and easy to use interface. You can do only eight basic things from within Think: open and close mind maps, save mind maps, export as images, and drag, create, connect and destroy nodes. You'll spend more time brainstorming and mapping out your ideas and less time fiddling with fonts, colours and other minor settings — you can't debate the best node colour when the only colour available is basic black.

Think is free to use but requires basic registration for saving nodes between user sessions. If you want to try out some more mind mapping tools, perhaps with a few more bells and whistles, makes sure to check out our previous Hive Five on the topic Five Best Mind Mapping Applications. Have a mind mapping tip or trick? Let's hear about it in the comments.


    @ skimmas tried to use it was in beta when i used it but a friend and I used that to brainstorm features in a game that we're still buiding. Once we got the bulk of it out onto that site we printed it and refined it other mapping programs.

    Only issue was that only one person could log in at a time but I just had a look at their site and it seems that they have fixed this now too. is a really great tool, i recommend it.

      A link would be nice :) I saw this posted elsewhere too but it's hard to google "Think" (unwise naming, methinks)

        In hindsight, I realise "Think" is extremely common and ambiguous but I would prefer to have a name that is simple and easy to remember than something complicated or nerdy.

    Hi, Are you able to post the link to THINK, as i have not been able to find it, and hence try it, Thanks!

    Think's link:

    I can't find the link on this webpage either.

    Thanks Jason for writing an article about Think. You have generated far more traffic with your one article than I have with my measly marketing attempts.

    Again, thank you.

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