The Office Stylist's Workspace

If your job is writing about people's offices and finding inspiring aspects of those spaces, you'd better have a well-appointed office yourself. Today's featured workspace certainly doesn't fail to deliver when it comes to visual appeal and spaciousness.

Sayeh of The Office Stylist, a blog devoted to office culture, is also a Lifehacker reader. She submitted her personal workspace to the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell pool, and it's quite the looker — decked out in black, white and lots of personal touches. She writes:

I've got a lot going on (that's putting it lightly!), so having a home office that is well organized, and easy to work in is absolutely necessary. Though I am on the go for a lot of meetings, that doesn't mean I am going to ignore my home office. I keep a black + white colour scheme so that I can switch out accessories as needed, and update the colours or design of the space. It's easy to change office supplies and accessories, than it is to go out and buy all new furniture when you're tired of the design.

You can check out more photos below:

The Office Stylist's Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    That office is gorgeous. I loved seeing this beautiful workspace.

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