The Great Photo Book Round-Up Compares Photo-Book Companies

The Great Photo Book Round-Up Compares Photo-Book Companies

Despite the proliferation of platforms for us to show off our photos on — digital picture frames, mobile phones, etc — the humble photo album still has a place. This detailed review can help you pick the best photo-book company for your needs.

Over at the site Digital Home Thoughts, a blog dedicated to home electronics and technology, they decided to use put over a dozen photo-book companies to the test. Using the same set of photos and doing their best to replicate the same design and theme, they documented the process of creating a book start to finish with each company.

If you’re having trouble deciding which company to create your album with the reviews in The Great Photo Book Round-Up Review are extremely detailed. They took screenshots of the site and the creation process, photos of the outside and inside of the album, and even included a video of each book so you can see things like how the book lays and the quality of the pages. Below is a sample video from their review of Ingubook:

Check out the link below for extremely detailed reviews on photo-book companies like Picaboo, Blurb, Inkubook, Shutterfly, Snapfish, ArtsCow and more. Have experience designing and printing photo albums? Let’s hear about it in the comments. Thanks shiraz!

The Great Photo Book Round-Up Review: Who Makes The Best Photo Books?


  • I’d like to have some people compare our Picpress photo books with the opposition. We started the business as 4 photolabs wanting to make books as we could see the market going this way, after 2 years it is tricky to see where we are at. We have won several Australia wide and international quality awards, but what about the pricing, software etc. Reviewers please step up!!!!

  • I’ve had a couple of books printed at Picpress (I think they’re in Melbourne) and the quality was fantastic. Much better than others I’ve seen from High Street companies. Varnished pages, matte laminated pages, bespoke photo boxes…. high end product, and I would definately recommend.

  • As per last comments some reviews of Australian companies would be good. I just go a photo book back from Photobooksrus and pleased with the quality but the software isn’t as good as I would like.

  • Hi, thank you so much for this ridiculously detailed blog post! I really wanted a beautiful quality album for my wedding photos and this post really help me avoid disappointment.

    I used mypublisher (going by your advice for quality rather than price) and used a 55% off voucher code from so it turned out to be just over $100/book for the biggest and best options available and let me tell you all – THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM I’ve EVER SEEN! I love it so much and the quality is SERIOUSLY impressive. I think if you’re going to bother investing time in making one, you may as well go with the best. I will definitely be making more books with Mypublisher. Thanks for the tip off

  • PS. I am in Australia and it took about 5 days between order and delivery for my books to arrive from MyPublisher and it only cost $50 to get four big books (16kg) sent here to Sydney!! I definitely recommend!!

  • Hi, I used Mypublisher for our first photo diary. The first book was great quality and we are very happy with it. Mypublisher have since upgraded their site and I have been unable to order any more books, which is annoying as I wanted all the photo diaries to be the same. Mypublisher software is giving an internal error when an Australian address is used. It has been over a month now, and Mypublisher support has been unable to fix their software so I can order. As I am still unable to order so you may want to check it is working before you go to the trouble of creating a photo book if you are in Australia.

  • Further to the last reviewer’s (Suzi) comments. I spent hours putting together a photobook from Mypublisher and unfortunately they still have not fixed the ‘internal’ error that occurs when you go to purchase the book and enter an Australian address. I put in a US address and there was no error.

    • Anybody used Apple photo books? Interested in the quality as putting together a book in Aperture or iPhoto is really easy and as previously observed your own investment of time is significant so worth going with the best quality.

      Have just put in an order with Photobooksrus so await results with interest. Cudo deal – 70 pages for $45 so good deal if quality as good as suggested. However, as previously observed the software is pretty Klunky! Did have a query and email response was very quick which was nice.

    • If you have this problem, send them an email. They will advise you how to place an order from Australia by using their US address and them e-mail them and asking to change the shipping address. This is a slight annoyance but definitely worth it for the quality of the product. I have read a number of reviews criticizing their customer service but I have never have a bad response from them.

  • Hello,
    I’m in Australia and the last 5 books I’ve done I’ve used Myreflections, a WA company…Software is very basic, but the quality was great. Also you can have a picture on the cover, you don’t need the dustjacket.
    Prior to that i used Momento and software was fantastic, but they didn’t have a large size, now I see they’ve changed.
    I also used albumprinter (the binding is breaking away).
    My next project I’m going to go back to momento.

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