The Beginner's 10-Minute Guide To Setting Up Ubuntu

Over at ITWorld, I wrote up a 10-minute Ubuntu setup guide that walks through three key areas: installing all the proprietary tools you're used to having, including MP3, AVI, Flash and Microsoft-standard fonts; enabling DVD reading and playback; and setting up Ubuntu Tweak, which gives Linux newcomers an easy solution to installing third-party apps and tweaking their setup to be just perfect. There's a lot more to discover in Ubuntu, and hopefully those basics give you more time to find it all. [ITWorld]


    The beginners guide? LOLLERS.

    My Mac has all those things out of the box and more. And it's UNIX 03 certified.

      Remember kids. Don't feed the trolls.

    Right, and how much does your mac cost?
    I am honestly fed up with these "apple "fun"boy" comments. Every OS has pros and cons. And every apple fanboy has only cons...

    I own a mac and a computer running ubuntu; they are definitely pretty much as good as each other, in my opinion.

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