ShareMonitor Monitors And Logs Access To Windows Shares

Windows: If you're looking for a clean and simple way to monitor your shared folders, ShareMonitor clearly displays what's going on with your shares.

ShareMonitor is a free application that monitors your shared folders and displays what's going on in an easy to read table. You can view the folder and file accesses in real time or export the log as a CVS or XML file to analyse later.

Options are sparse and limited to very basic adjustments like how often it checks for share access — the lack of options didn't pose a problem in our testing, the app performed as expected and responded quickly in displaying share access. ShareMonitor is freeware, Windows only.

ShareMonitor [Softpedia via Addictive Tips]


    Tried it in Win7 x64 and it only showed the system shares on my C drive, nothing else.

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