Save Old, Scratched CDs With Vaseline

DIY site Instructables highlights an inexpensive method for breathing new life into those old, scratched CDs you're still clinging to. Their solution: a dab of Vaseline or any type of petroleum jelly.

A soft cloth or disc cleaner, petroleum jelly and some ancient scratched CDs are all that is required for this project. Using the disc cleaner/cloth, apply the jelly to the CD. After applying it in a thorough manner, the excess grease needs to be removed. Take a cotton ball, swab it with some rubbing alcohol and start cleaning it off. There should be no more visible scratches on the CD, making it — hopefully — readable.

Let us know what methods have worked best for your old CDs in the comments below.

Remove Scratches from a CD/DVD with Vaseline [Instructables]


    I've seen a similar thing done with toothpaste instead of vaseline, but I think the vaseline would be more gentle on the disc.

    Plain basic toothpaste is preferred, you need a mild abrasive to 'remove' scratches.

    Brasso (yes the trophies cleaning stuff) also works a bit better than toothpaste and is preferred for highly scratched discs. I've used it successfully to save a few of my kids Wii games.

    Remember to work from the inside edge to the outside edge of the disc and not around in a circular as you will make the disc worse.

    Also remember to lay the disk on a soft flat surface, such as a towel on a kitchen table, and not try to work the scratches out while holding the disc (I’ve snapped a disc in half from applying too much pressure rubbing while holding the disc by it's edges with my fingers).

    i tried using vaseline on the flaming lips' 'she dont use jelly' cd and it imploded.

    toothpaste +1

    GENIUS - thanks so much :D
    also i found our local dvd rental shop has a polisher and they don't mind cleaning them sometimes, but if you have fines ;)

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