Repurpose Cheap Plates Into An Inexpensive Bird Feeder

Repurpose Cheap Plates Into An Inexpensive Bird Feeder

Sure you can find all sorts of fancy bird feeders at your local gardening store, but this cheap DIY feeder looks stylish and lets you spend your money on stocking it with seed.

Over at the DIY site Instructables user PaulEl put together a tutorial for turning cheap bamboo plates into a hanging platform feeder. All you need are some cheap plates—you could use bamboo or easily adapt some colorful plastic plates too—a carriage bolt, some washers and nuts, string or wire, and a keychain clip to fasten it to the structure you’re hanging it off of. He had some of the material on hand and spent less than $US3 on parts but even if you’re building it from scratch you’d be hard pressed to spend over $US5.

Check out the full tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Have a clever why to repurpose or upcycle stuff from around the home? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

How-To Make a Bird Feeder Out of IKEA Plates [Instructables via Make]

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