Remember To Re-Register For Do Not Call

Remember To Re-Register For Do Not Call

The Do Not Call register launched on May 3 2007, so it celebrates its third birthday next month. That’s good news for those of us sick of having our dinners interrupted by dodgy mobile phone sellers, but it also means we need to make sure our registrations are current.

Registration on the Do Not Call list expires after three years, so if (like millions of Australians) you signed up as soon as the service became available back in May 2007, you’ll need to sign up again before the end of this month. Fortunately, re-registering is a simple process and can be completed online, so it’s worth pursuing if you want to stop the flow of telemarketing calls. Don’t forget that fax numbers are covered as well.

Charities and political parties remain exempt, so it’s not an absolute out — but any other company which breaks the rules and calls a number on the list is potentially liable for a major fine — doubtless a factor in the decline in complaints about unwanted calls.

Do Not Call


  • Thanks. This has been on my list of things to do for months now, but I keep forgetting to write it on my actual todo list! All done now, so hopefully we will stop getting calls (I especially hate the ones that drop out immediately after you pickup)

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