Red Walls And Little Trees: The Landscaped Desk

Today's featured workspace doesn't just have a small plant on the desk, it has a Bonsai garden built into the desk — complete with moss, stones and a sand garden.

Lifehacker reader Pat Cullen wanted to spruce up his office but not just with a simple desk cleaning and coat of paint on the wall. Inspired by the wheat-grass monitor shelf in a previous workspace — The Organic-Shelf Office — he set up a monitor shelf with a novel splash of plant life. He writes:

Inspired by featured workspaces, I set out to enhance my own. Over Christmas I made a shelf to fit my office desk at work. The best thing about it is how it frees up space on my desk. I can now push my keyboard back and have plenty of room for paper work.

My goals/features:

- 5mm power wood. Hollow inside. Dark vanish 3 times with sanding in between.

- The bonsai/garden. 1 inch deep trench that shallows out at the ends. Water is drained at the centre by the water crystals (blue balls).

- The laptop stand can be removed.

- Cable management: Several holes on the back to feed cables in and out.

- Underneath/hidden power plug embedded into shelf.

- Underneath/hidden USB port.

- Underneath/hidden power switches to control lamps and 2ndry monitor power.

This was a fairly ad-lib woodwork project for me (I'm still a beginner in the workshop), so had to improvise a couple of things to get it to all fit inside that shelf.

Red Walls and Little Trees: The Landscaped Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Tree's are good yeah, and it's waaayyy cleaner than my workspace....But anyone else notice he's a lefty?? Only 'cause my missus keeps moving my mouse, it's very close to home...

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