Qantas Any Seat Frequent Flyer Tickets Now Earn Points

Back in 2008, Qantas introduced Any Seat awards that let you purchase any available seat using frequent flyer points (albeit using more points than those seats set aside for frequent flyer purchases). That's an expensive way to get some flights, but a new change from Qantas sweetens the deal a little: now seats purchased using Any Seats will themselves earn points, just like a regular ticket.

The change (announced in an email sent to frequent flyers yesterday, but in place since March 23) applies to most flights operated by Qantas. The principles outlined in our guide to getting the most from the scheme still apply: booking in advance gets you more options and last-minute Any Seat bookings are often a waste of points. If you've been saving points for a particular goal, however, then the bonus points are a nice extra sweetener after your trip.



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