Productive In Tokyo: Triple Screens And Tiny Spaces

Setting up a well-styled, space-efficient and productive workspace is a challenge anywhere, let alone in a small Tokyo apartment. Today's featured workspace packs everything into a footprint the size of a love seat.

Lifehacker reader ハク has managed to fit a desk, shelves, triple monitors, artwork, plants,and personal effects into a tiny space and to do so without creating a cluttered environment. Opting to keep things tight, like placing the plant so close to the monitors the leaves cascade around it, contributes to the illusion of space. The workspace also incorporates some clever workarounds. His lease forbids mounting things on the walls so he hung his figurine collection by hooking acrylic display cases on the architectural moulding that runs over his desk. Take a closer look in the gallery below:

Productive in Tokyo: Triples Screens and Tiny Spaces [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Does your desk always look that clean? or did you clean it specially

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