Prepare For When The ATO Dumps E-Record

We know Lifehacker readers are big fans of e-tax, and we suspect many of our business-minded audience may also use the business-targeted E-Record. So it's worth reminding the latter than the ATO is dumping support for the latter after this financial year, having decided that commercial providers can better serve the needs of the business sector.

The ATO will stop supplying the E-Record software after July 1 2010, and won't offer any support for the software after September this year — which means no matter how much you might like it, you'll need to look for another alternative for next financial year. You'll also need to consider migrating older records into your new platform in some form, ideally via electronic transfer but in a worst-case scenario via printouts and rekeying (a sad but sometimes unavoidable reality).

E-Record Withdrawal [ATO]


    Would be great if you could do a write up on the pros and cons of some tax packages. A few free ones would be nice.

    Have used E-Record for about 2 years. It's great. Simple to use. So whats the alternative?

    Thing is, you can still use e-record until the GST rate changes from 10%... in the future. The only reason they're stopping it is due to staff cutbacks.

    Finally they have seen the light!!

    Maybe this feature comparison of small business accounting software between Cashflow Manager vs eRecord helps:

    The ROI comparison can be found here:

      The only replacement that seems to come up is CashFlow which is listed at $495.00. I cannot believe that the Australian Govt has decided to cease supporting eRecord which is a simplistic accounting tool for small business operators. It would seem to me that the cost of ATO auditing would exceed the cost to support software developer and online support for eRecord. Lets hope that someone will see reason and a cheap replacement will surface within the next few years. Those of us who are converted eRecord users would really be interested in such a solution.

    Just visit to find the new replacement software for ATO’s old e-record system.

      How about some disclosure, assuming that you are the Dan Nicolaysen who owns the domain? And surely that should be "a replacement", not "the replacement"...

    Is there a product out there such as MYOB , that might be able to open existing e record files.

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