Pizza Hut's iPhone App Is A Hit, Sort Of

Pizza Hut released its iPhone app last month, somewhat later than expected. The application claims 70,000 downloads in its first month, which sounds impressive — until you stack it up against the competition.

While 70,000 is certainly an impressive number, it pales somewhat next to the claim from Domino's that it had sold $1 million worth of pizza via its iPhone app in its first month of operation, along with more than 150,000 downloads. That should be enough to cheese its rivals off, but Pizza Hut has promised further enhancements to its app, including iPhone-only deals and further pizza customisation — though, as ever, there's no date attached.


    It's just annoying that Pizza Hut insist on using Flash for their online ordering system. If they didn't use Flash, there wouldn't be any need for this app.

    I downloaded and attempted to try it.

    The app pales compare to Domino's

    and to top it off - They won't service my area.

    There can be only one...

    PH pizza tastes much better than Dominoes, so i wonder why so many iPhonies like Dominoes over PH.

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