PasswordCard Hides Mentally Encrypted Passwords In Your Wallet

PasswordCard Hides Mentally Encrypted Passwords In Your Wallet

You want to use secure passwords, but you can’t remember random numbers and letters. You’d also probably like a backup, in case your computer password system goes bad. PasswordCard provides the best of both worlds, offering strong passwords with a wallet-based backup.

The PasswordCard itself is printed in colour, has different symbols heading each column and a different colour for each row. You generate the card’s random characters by typing a number into the field above the card and generating it anew. Store that number printout somewhere very safe — a fireproof safe in a deep closet, perhaps — and put the PasswordCard in your wallet. It might take some time to get used to “Note symbol, green” being how you remember where to find your iTunes password, or “Smiley face, purple” for Facebook, but it’s a secure system, and even if your wallet is lost or stolen, it’s useless to the thief without your number, or knowing your exact scheme.

Your PasswordCard


  • Its interesting. I use a 3-tier password Approach.

    II see all passwords as potentially insecure, but some are more important than others.Really, very few involve me losing money – eg. PayPal, banking sites and PINs for ATMS. The latter two in my case are protected somewhat in that there are maxiumum cash withdrawal limits, and my banking sites require simulataneous SMS message responses for large transfers outside trusted zones.

    So for those, I use very strong passwords that no-one could guess, are not written anywhere on planet earth, and aren’t related to anything in my life. You could get them with a keylogger on my laptop or desktop. I hope my banks don’t store cleartext passwords.

    But the rest (eg. ISP passwords, low level sites, etc) I have a “middle of the road” password – still hard to guess and not written down, but were anyone to ever get that password I wouldn’t really care.

    Finally I have a “useless” password I use for registering with sites I don’t want to register with (and I register with a “junk” gmail accountas well)

  • Wobble, like the example says “Note symbol, green” means your password is chnWVCS or however long you want your password to be.

    “Smiley face, purple” would be h7JAND…. etc.

    You’ve still got to remember how to reference the password, but at least you have something secure that is harder to hack

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