Nokia Care Centres Promise The ACCC They'll Behave Better

Another day, another slapdown of companies ignoring Australian consumer law by the ACCC. This time, it's Nokia Care Centres under the microscope, with the phone service organisation promising to withdraw unacceptable terms and conditions.

While the care centres are operated by Fone Care, Nokia had authorised the use of a service agreement which tried to limit statutory warranty rights. The centres had also tried to tell customers that statutory warranty claims had to be lodged within 14 days. All parties have entered legally enforceable undertakings not to repeat that behaviour in future. A similar undertaking was made by Vodafone earlier this year.

Nokia Care Centre customers to be better informed about rights


    Great news!

    The Nokia Care Centre used to have wonderful staff at their old location in Parramatta. Since they moved location, Ive seen new staff take over. Everyone couldnt put a smile on their faces. You can also see customers waiting with a not so happy faces whilst waiting.

    They wanted me to check-in my phone for repair when all I wanted was to find out how much a replacement cover would cost. And that quote / service would cost me some ridiculous amount. At the same time, an old lady was there complaining that she was told to come back that day (all the way coming from some 20km away) only to be told that her phone will not be ready in a few days.

    So Ive had it. Who says Nokia is the best. They may be the easiest to use but that has changed now. Ive always used Nokia since the 90s and have constantly updated my phone with another Nokia back then. But now, I stay away from it. I dont even recommend it to my family and friends.

    Now having owned a number of Sony Ericsson handsets, I am quite happy with them, havent encountered any probelms at all, so no time to send for repair or warranty. I always recommend the Walkman phones to anyone.

    But now I have moved to Apple's iPhone. And im much much happier with my device and customer service is top notch.

    With every nokia post on Lifehacker, I always have to tell my story with Nokia.

    In summary, Nokia would charge me $1 less to get the phone fixed that what it would cost to by the phone outright. I didn't get it repaired, a waste of $40 to get a unreasonable quote - it was cheaper for me, with a better warranty to just by a new one.

    Anyway, heres my link

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