Microsoft Office 2010 RTM Available For Download

Windows: Microsoft just released Office 2010 RTM today for their TechNet and MSDN subscribers. If you happen to have a MSDN or TechNet subscription, head on over to download what will be the last version of Office 2010 before it's officially released.

(RTM stands for "Release to Manufacturing, meaning it's the version of the software they'll be stamping the installation CDs/DVDs with.)

If you don't have a subscription, you can still download the beta release, which has been available since November. (We don't doubt that there are copies of the RTM floating elsewhere on the internet.) For the rest of us, the official release will be available in June. The Microsoft Office 2010 RTM is available for both 32- or 64-bit Window systems, and is a free download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers only on Windows.

Downloads [MSDN Subscriptions via Download Squad]


    @TheFu: I've been using Word since Word 5.5. Seriously, Ribbon is way better for new users than the traditional clumsy menu system, even though I could remember most shortcuts for the old menuitems.

    I think you're getting to a stage that can't easily adapt new things anymore, just like most professors at uni still prefer Unix-like systems... I can still remember a lecturer complained that he could adjust the screen resolution with a single line command but took him many clicks with the GUI.

    Yes, it does cost time to get used to the new interface, but it's definitely better for most average users. (Don't you know Microsoft spent millions of $$ to test the usability of the new Ribbon interface with non-Tech people especially Dads&Mums before they released Office 2007?)


    For the less young of us, that have used the old menus for many years, the new ribbon stuff is a pain and a total waste of time. When a company is pushing this sort of cosmetic changes to convince you to upgrade it means they ran out if useful ideas. I mean just think about it - what is there in the new release - functionally speaking - that is not already included into any of the 200x versions, bugs aside? I guess this upgrade would be more for people that place importance on what they look at, not on what they do with it...

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