Mandatory Censorship Legislation Not Likely Before Next Election?

Mandatory Censorship Legislation Not Likely Before Next Election?

We’ve all been making lots of noise about the government’s proposed mandatory Internet filter, and it’s just possible it’s had an effect: it now looks like the legislation might not be passed prior to the next election.

Nicola Berkovic at The Australian reports that a spokesperson for comms minister Senator Stephen Conroy has confirmed that the legislation for the controversial proposal won’t appear in Parliament before August at the earliest. While an election doesn’t need to be called before April, the government could call an early double-dissolution election prior to that date, which could make censorship a major issue. It’s hardly a guarantee, though, so if you’re opposed to the legislation, continue to make your feelings known to your local member.

Rudd retreats on web filter legislation [The Australian]


  • Two things spring to mind – firstly, they don’t want to risk an electoral back lash if they do introduce it before the next election, secondly, they don’t feel they have the numbers to get it ratified through the senate, so are looking at trying to increase their numbers before pushing it forward.

    The saddest reality is, regardless of who is in power, it is likely we will some kind of filter in the near future. I think it’s time to move…

    • Exactly right, it’s just a slimey way to try and avoid getting kicked out next election. I have no doubt it will raise it’s ugly head directly after as a so called, “election mandate”!!

  • Good, I will make sure that I don’t vote for Labor for next election, not for a government hides vital information about a legislation that will affect every citizen in Australia. But it doesn’t mean I’m happy with the opposition, but I will vote for them anyway just like Howard voted off from his reign because people are not happy with the way “they” handle things 🙁

  • It’s up to the people of Victoria – if they ensure Senator Fielding doesn’t get back in at the next election then I reckon we’ll hear no more of this internet censorship nonsense. And Rudd’s CPRS will likely rise from the dead after the election too.

    If Fielding is re-elected however, we’re in big, big trouble.

  • The problem with this is that it takes it off the agenda for the election. Then, if and when Rudd wins, he comes out and says that his re-election is a mandate for the introduction of the filter. Hey, if people didn’t want the filter they wouldn’t have voted for him right?

    They did it with Work Choices, they will do it again.

    The only way around it is to vote for someone else, and to make it clear to your local member that you did it because of the filter.

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