Make Your Own Multitouch Surface

Like the rest of the world, we've been drooling over multitouch here at Lifehacker, but now DIY web site Instructables has a guide to combining that with our other favourite hobby: building stuff.

This isn't your typical Lifehacker weekend project; you'll have to shell out quite a bit for the materials (about $US2500, or $US1500 if you already have a computer lying around). However, if you have need (or want) of a multitouch surface in your home, making it yourself will still cost you quite a bit less than buying it. You'll need quite a bit of tech, such as a projector, computer (any recent one will do), a PS3 Eye Camera, as well as some acrylic sheets for the surface itself. You'll also need some software for this project, but it's our favourite kind of software — free. The project is pretty involved, but you can't argue with the final product — it'll certainly be the coolest piece of furniture in your house. Hit the link for the full how to, and if you've ever pulled something like this off, tell us about it (and show it off) in the comments!

How to Bulid a Multi-Touch Surface [Instructables via Unplggd]


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