Make Giant Rubber Bands From Old Rubber Gloves

Last week we noted that rubber bands are a great way to stop people confusing their drinks at parties. Reader Gillian Blackford chimed in with another useful rubber band trick: make your own rubber bands for storage using old washing-up gloves.

Picture by myxi

Gillian's idea is obvious when you've thought of it, but a great way to avoid clutter and get extra use out of something you'd otherwise discard:

I use scissors to cut the wrist sections off holed rubber gloves into strips. This makes large sized rubber bands to keep big stuff like extension cords coiled neatly.

As well as coiling stuff you want to keep, this is also potentially useful as a means of tying up bundles of stuff you plan to throw out during a council cleanup. Thanks Gillian


    Need a computer to map out cutting an entire glove into one gigantic rubberband. And I mean gigantic.

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