Make A Waterproof Fire Starter Out Of Dryer Lint

Make A Waterproof Fire Starter Out Of Dryer Lint

If you’re sick of buying fancy logs or other unnecessary fire starters, DIY weblog Instrucables has a nice guide for making your own, out of just a few household objects—most of which you’re probably going to throw away anyways.

To make this small, 1 oz. fire starter, you’ll need some dryer lint, an old egg carton, old candle stubs (or any other wax you have lying around), and some dental floss. Each individual starter will be one section from the egg carton, filled with lint, tied up with dental floss and dipped in melted wax (which you can easily do over your stove with a pot and a glass jar). After they’ve dried, each one should last you about 15 minutes, ensuring that your fire gets started even if it doesn’t cooperate at first (and if not, you’ll have 11 others from that batch alone). Head on over to the Instructable for more detailed instructions, and hit us up with your favourite fire starting tips in the comments!

Waterproof Dryer Lint Fire-Starter [Instructables]


  • Pretty neat way, but fairly complex. I usually use a toilet role stuffed with absorbent paper soaked in cheap vegetable oil, takes a few minutes to make and works every time.

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