Mac-on-a-Shelf: A Compact Workspace

When you're short on space, no amount of wishful thinking will turn an efficient apartment into a palace. Today's featured workspace fits an entire computer station onto a shelf in a footprint smaller than most side tables.

Lifehacker reader beebop9000 recently relocated and found himself short on space. He recalled a prior featured workspace — The Workspace-on-a-Shelf Office — and put the ideas he found there to good work.

New apartment space = 550 square feet. My massive desk wasn't going to cut it, so I built a desk using TekOnDek's as a guide.

Employed by one Cisco's recent acquisitions in the Bay Area, I work from home occasionally.

Craigslist stuff: folding Ikea chair, Apple wired keyboard and mouse, Rain Design mStand for Macbook Pro.

Ikea stuff: Brackets and 11" (D) wall shelf cut to 32" (W), discontinued keyboard mount from As-Is section hacksawed to sit flush with 11" (D) shelf, power strip zip-tied and double-sided taped to bottom right, cable management trough (can't see from this angle), gadget cup.

Check out the photos below to see his workspace from different angles. The folding chair is a nice touch, it tucks away in an even smaller footprint than the shelf-desk.

Mac-on-a-Shelf: A Compact Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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