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You wanted access to blocked content, you wanted Office 2010 early and you wanted to complain about Australian ISPs being greedy. Kick off your Lifehacker week by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Why Your ISP Won’t Offer Uncapped Downloads
    Many Australians look with envy at the “unlimited download” Internet plans offered in markets like the US and ask: Why don’t we get that uncapped option in Australia? It’s easy to assume the answer is corporate greed, but the reality is a little more complex.
  • Top 10 Ways To Access Blocked Stuff On The Web The web is a generally free place, but some sites and services want to make it annoying to navigate and enjoy. Stream any video you'd like, see the sites you need, and get at services you thought were down with these tips.
  • Winscape Turns Your HDTV Into A Window (Mac) You know the movie version of the future where instead of real windows, we've got virtual ones that offer beautiful views of anything we want? Application Winscape pairs your Wiimote with a flat panel TV (or two) to do just that.
  • Top 10 IKEA Hacks
    A combination of cheap furniture and a DIY-friendly ethos makes IKEA an excellent resource for anyone who fancies repurposing everything from kitchen gadgets to tables. Here’s our favourite IKEA hacks
  • Five Best Tools For Managing Your Multi-Monitor Setup Multiple monitors expand your screen real estate, boost your productivity, and give you tons of extra room to spread out your work. Boost the benefit of your multiple monitors with these great tools.
  • Dexpot Adds Aero Peek Virtual Desktops To The Windows 7 Taskbar (Windows) Virtual desktop application Dexpot was already one of your five favourite virtual desktop managers, but the latest update adds complete integration with the Windows 7 taskbar, including Aero Peek thumbnails of your desktops.
  • The Aussie Government Loves Asking Google For Stuff
    Google has launched a Government Requests site, showing which global governments have asked it to either remove links or offer information about users. Not surprisingly, the censorship-favouring Australian Government is quite high on the list
  • Windows Maintenance Tips: The Good, Bad And Useless Everybody's got an opinion on how to keep a Windows system running fast and smooth. Some tips are timeless, others are bunk that always recirculate. Here's a closer look at what really helps and hurts your Windows PC.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 RTM Available For Download (Windows) Microsoft just released Office 2010 RTM today for their TechNet and MSDN subscribers. If you happen to have a MSDN or TechNet subscription, head on over to download what will be the last version of Office 2010 before it's officially released.
  • Filling The Frame In Your Photos Isn’t Always Wise
    Photography 101 advice often suggests making sure your subject fills the whole frame. But with high-resolution cameras, that isn’t always the most sensible approach.
  • How Do You Know If Your Download Really Has A Virus? Antivirus and anti-malware apps fill an important need on our computers, but they're not foolproof (*ahem*, McAfee). More often than you'd think, they're just plain wrong.
  • TuneUp Fixes Your MP3 Metadata, Now Available for Windows Media Player (Windows) If you'd been enamoured with the idea of TuneUp-brilliant and speedy correction of music tags and cover art-but not so enamoured with having to use iTunes, the smart music utility is now available for Windows Media Player.
  • So You Need a Typeface Provides Semi-Snarky (But Useful) Font Advice Did you cry at the sheer beauty of the type in Terminator? Do you love Garamond, but want slightly bigger "eyes"? Designer Julian Hansen offers a clever and helpful flowchart that helps both typography nerds and neophytes find their font.
  • NoteSync Is A Lightweight Note-Taker That Syncs With Google Docs (Windows/Mac/Linux) NoteSync is a lightweight application that allows you to manage notes easily, and offers two-way sync with Google Docs to keep your notes updated and always accessible.
  • Seven DIY iPad Stands for Six Bucks or Less For all the magic that Apple promised an iPad box would contain, they definitely left out one thing: a stand. Whether you've got five bucks or some ingenuity and free time, here are seven cheap or free iPad stands.
  • Speed Dial For Chrome Makes Your New Tab Page Look Awesome (Chrome) Google Chrome extension Speed Dial updates, adding custom site logos for your speed dials and plenty of other customisation settings to make your browser start page look great.
  • The Best Tools For Streaming Media To Your Gadgets Digital media isn't as young as it once was, and your media collection has likely grown well beyond what most portable devices can handle. With the right tools, you can stream anything from your spacious hard drive to any device.
  • Google Reader Full Feed Expands Truncated Feeds With A Keystroke (Chrome) Lots of sites have truncated RSS feeds, only allowing you to see a portion of their articles in your newsreader. If you prefer to read the full articles, this extension expands them in full inside Google Reader.
  • How to Back Up And Play Your Wii Games From An External Hard Drive Connecting an external hard drive to your Wii to back up and play your games is a simple way to keep expensive discs out of harm's way, decrease game load times, and organize your collection with swanky cover art.
  • TimeSheet Automatically Tracks Your Time Spent Working (Windows) If you track how you spend your time, sometimes the tracking is more tedious than the doing. Free app TimeSheet automatically logs your tasks based on user-defined rules, so you can spend more time working and less time managing.
  • PasswordCard Hides Mentally Encrypted Passwords In Your Wallet You want to use secure passwords, but you can't remember random numbers and letters. You'd also like a fail-safe plan, in case your computer password system goes bad.
  • SlideIT Is A Pretty Accurate Swipe-Based Android Keyboard (Android) A good number of Android users dig the slide-to-type Swype keyboard, but that's now a closed beta. SlideIT is an alternative swipe-style keyboard, and if you find one-handed typing a pain, it might be right up your alley.


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