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You wanted faster mobile browsers, you wanted better media centres and you wanted gigantic rubber bands. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Make Giant Rubber Bands From Old Rubber Gloves
    Last week we noted that rubber bands are a great way to stop people confusing their drinks at parties. Reader Gillian Blackford chimed in with another useful rubber band trick: make your own rubber bands for storage using old washing-up gloves.
  • Browser Speed Tests: iPhone's Mobile Safari Vs Opera Mini This morning Apple surprised everyone by approving the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch, bringing one of the most popular mobile browsers to the most popular smartphone.
  • Kylo Is A Big-Screen, TV-Optimised Web Browser (Windows/Mac) Kylo is a Mozilla-based web browser optimised for surfing the web on your HDTV from the comfort of your couch. Check out our screenshot tour to see it in all its 10-foot display glory.
  • Why Flash Is A Bad Idea For The iPad
    There’s been a lot of ink spilled over the pros and cons of Adobe’s Flash, and in particular whether its exclusion from Apple’s almost-here iPad is a good or bad thing. Much of that discussion has looked at the changing relationship between Apple and Adobe, but ignored a much more fundamental issue: Flash on a touchscreen device is a bad idea, anyway.
  • Set Up a Geeky Media Centre That Non-Geeks Can Actually Use I love messing with settings and geeky file-sharing programs. My spouse doesn't, but digs Hulu and appreciates free. So I set up a media centre that satisfies my geek cravings but is actually easy-to-use for non-nerds.
  • Pale Moon Is Aa Faster Firefox Clone For Windows (Windows) If you're a devotee of Firefox's add-ons and features but would like just a tad more operation speed, Pale Moon might be perfect, at least for a trial run. The custom and extension-compatible Firefox build seems just a bit snappier.
  • iPad Australia Release Delayed Again, Now Due May
    Apple still hasn’t specified a price or an exact release Australian date for the much-delayed iPad, but it has offered up some new information — the Australian release has been delayed until “late May”.
  • Shift Your Fingers One Key To The Right For Easy-To-Remember But Awesome Passwords You're constantly told how easy it would be to hack your weak passwords, but complicated passwords just aren't something our brains get excited about memorising.
  • Air Video Streams Any Video to Your iPad (Windows/Mac + iPad/iPhone) Back in February we highlighted Air Video, an incredibly cool app that streams any video from your computer to your iPhone, no matter the format. Now it's updated with an iPad version, and it's incredible.
  • How I Learned To Love Windows Media Player I've used a lot of media players over the years, but I've always avoided Windows Media Player like the plague. Then I encountered Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7, and suddenly I find myself singing a different tune
  • Lift Heavier Weights With Fewer Reps For Toning And Fat Loss It's a commonly held belief that lifting heavy weights builds bulky muscles, and if you want to slim down and tone up, lighter weights and higher repetitions are the answer.
  • SoupToys Is Endless Desktop Fun for Your Child (Windows) Getting your child to sit still for any prolonged period of time is difficult, even with most computer games. SoupToys, however, is a set of desktop physics-based toys that will keep your child-and probably you-endlessly entertained.
  • Ditch Desktop Apps for Webapps, Free Up RAM Desktop applications have their charm, but most of your information already lives on the web. Ditch those clunky desktop apps for webapps without losing their better features—like notifications, shortcuts, offline access, etc.—and free up precious system resources along the way.
  • Universal Viewer Saves You The Headache Of App Hunting, Opens Almost Any File (Windows) Universal Viewer, as its name implies, aims to be a universal file viewer capable of opening almost any file, without making you hunt down required programs for unusual file types.
  • Top 10 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life, 2010 Edition We live out so much of our modern lives on personal computers and web servers-yet so much of it is messy and over-stuffed. Clean up your email, fix your files, and tidy up your digital life with these 10 tips.
  • Opera Mini For iPhone Available For Download (iPhone/iPod Touch) Consider Opera's bluff called. The browser maker's submission of Opera Mini to Apple's App Store has been approved, granting iPhone OS users a browser that uses server-side compression for slow connections, syncs with desktop Opera and offers other perks.

  • Five Best Home Inventory Tools Home inventories are invaluable for showing insurance companies what you lost in a break-in, fire, or other catastrophe. They're also quite handy for surveying, decluttering, and organizing your loot.
  • QSynergy Makes Multi-System Control Easier And Prettier (Windows/Mac/Linux) It continues to amaze, just how easy it is to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse with Synergy. QSynergy clamps a crisp, generally easy-to-grasp interface onto Synergy, giving it the update it's long deserved.
  • FixWin One-Click Repairs Over Fifty Windows Annoyances (Windows) When something goes wrong in Windows, especially something maddening like the recycle bin vanishing or thumbnails failing to build properly, it's extremely frustrating. FixWin is a portable application that puts one-click repairs at your finger tips.
  • Make Your Own Multi-Touch Surface Like the rest of the world, we've been drooling over multi-touch here at Lifehacker, but now DIY web site Instructables has a guide to combining that with our other favourite hobby: building stuff.
  • Microsoft Fix It Center Beta Guides You Through Common Windows Problems (Windows) Microsoft's Fix it Center is a beta troubleshooting program that tweaks common Windows issues-sort of like previously mentioned FixWin-but it comes straight from Microsoft. It's average-Joe friendly, and addresses everything from network glitches to media player issues.
  • Dragoman Batch Converts Nearly Anything With Drag And Drop Simplicity (Mac) We recently featured a multiple file type converter for Windows, but now Mac users can share in that same drag-and-drop joy with Dragoman, a free app that can batch convert images, photos, music, documents, and archives with minimal effort.


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