How To Set Up A Mail Merge In Gmail For Personalised Mass Emails

If you want to send out a personalised mass email, much like most companies' marketing emails, creating a mail merge is the easiest way. Unlike the antiquated mail merges of days past, you can do it in Gmail without half the headache.

A mail merge is when a template is merged with a database of information, such as a list of names or other unique details. It's useful for sending out personalised emails to multiple people quickly. Technology blog Digital Inspiration offers up a Gmail tip to get this done, using Gmail with Google Docs. First, create a contact group within Gmail that you want to send the email blast to. Using Google Docs, then create a copy of this spreadsheet in your account.

Go to the Mail Merge tab at the top, near Help. Click on "Import Gmail Contacts" and authorise Google Docs to access your Google Contacts. Go to the Mail Merge tab again, click the "Import Gmail Contacts" again and type the name of the Gmail group that you created earlier.

You can edit all the fields in green to your liking. After you're satisfied, go to the Mail Merge tab one more time, and hit "Start Mail Merge". Google Docs will now send out your email, and keep track of the status of each. Handy!

Create a Mail Merge with Gmail and Google Docs [Digital Inspiration]


    Sigh. If only GDocs included a real mail merge function, that didn't need to be hacked onto via some macros.

    Looks like this tip is way out of date as the Gdocs no longer has the Mail merge function. I guess it was getting abused.

    Not true-- still works.

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