How To File The Sharp Edge Off A MacBook Pro

Technology lover John Pozadzides isn't just a whiz at hacking your weak passwords. When his MacBook Pro's sharp edge dug into his wrists one too many times, he made quick work of that annoyance. Here's how:

God only knows how many times I've whined on Twitter about the sharp edge on my MacBook Pro right where your wrists rest while working on it. I swear to Buddha that after 15 minutes of working on this thing I have lines deep enough imprinted in my forearms to make people think I'm trying to slash my wrists! Furthermore, this laptop nearly makes me want to!!!

I'd had enough. After a marathon session of pain, I finally got off my lazy butt and did something about it. So, here is a video of me taking a file to my MacBook Pro and doing what Apple should have done long, long ago!

If you want to do it yourself its actually quite easy. Just get a couple of clamps and gently attach your MacBook to a strong, stable surface. Then take a fine file to the edge and slowly begin removing material. After 10-20 strokes you'll feel a world of difference in the edge of the device. Just make sure you don't get the aluminium shavings in your finger. You do not want aluminium splinters!

Have fun, and feel free to ask questions.

Taking the (Sharp) Edge off the MacBook Pro [One Man's Blog]


    You might wanna switch it off first, you know, JUST in case?

    If you're getting lines on your forearms you might want to look at the ergonomics of your work area. You should NOT have your forearms resting on the keyboard's edge at all.

    Can this be done with the polycarbonate unibody?

    Coz im with this dude. These sharp edges suck.

    Should be using a fine grained sand paper to do this, or at the very least, start with a file, then move progressively to a finer grained file/sand paper.

    Man up princess. You shouldn't be such a sloth on the computer. Had my MBP for a year and its never bothered me once.

    I used my wifes mac pro after a trip to india , the oils were still seaping out of my hands and left a green mark on the white mac ...oops

    I'm with you John! It's your laptop & you can do what you want with it. Going from a MacBook Air to the 13" Macbook Pro this was one of the first things I noticed - I'm taking a file to mine asap!

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