How Long Do You Ignore Your Alarm Clock?

Be it a bedside device or a smart phone, most of us still rely on an alarm clock to get up and head to work. But just how long do we think we can get away with ignoring it?

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A survey by UK newspaper Metro produced the hardly-astounding conclusion that getting paid well makes most people happier in their jobs, but also looked at how quickly people get up for work. 40% of people rise as soon as they first hear the alarm, resisting using the snooze alarm. Age was a major varying factor, with younger people more likely to oversleep and those over 55 increasingly spurning a clock at all. (For a more thorough approach to waking up, try a smoke alarm clock.)

While those figures were interesting, they are UK-based, so I'm wondering: how do Lifehacker readers react to the morning alarm? Do you wake five minutes before it, race for the snooze, or hide it over the other side of the room so you have to get up to switch off? Sound off in the comments.

'Big salary is key to happiness at work' according to latest survey [UK Metro]


    I snooze everyday for at least 30 mins

    I tend to ignore my alarm, for about 18 minutes, then get up.

    A friend of mine used to have three alarm clocks set at 5 mins apart. One on the bedside table that would get turned off, then the next one half way to the ensuite, which would get turned off, then the old style clock (like in the photo) in the bathtub. Made a hell of a noise and by the time he got up and turned it off he figured he was out of bed anyway, so may as well stay up.

    It really depends on how many beers i have the night before! generally though i get up straight away and turn it off. the 10 minutes extra snooze just isn't enough to make you feel any better...

    Lately, I've been waking up about half an hour before the alarm clock goes off, tossing and turning before drifting off just as the alarm clock goes off. Annoying.

    I use my phone as an alarm, and I'll normally hit the snooze button once before getting up. I suspect that as the weather gets colder, it'll become two hits, then three hits...

    My alarm is timed to coincide with the 7am news on Radio National. I usually wake up a few minutes before the alarm in summer, or with the alarm in winter, but don't get up until the news is over. I never bother with "snooze".

    I wake up before the alarm goes off, typically. But I still place my phone on the other side of the room. The alarm going off is there to get me out of bed, not wake me up.

    I usually wake up in a good mood, 10 minutes before the alarm is set to go off, fall back asleep and get woken up 10 minutes later in a terrible mood.

    With my old windows mobile phone, on quite a number of times i managed to tap the options button, and select dismiss from the list without opening my eyes.

    I'm constantly pressing snooze on my new android phone, and it takes me about 6 times (an hour, it snoozes for 10 mins each) to give up and get up :)

    Alarm set for 7am.
    Hit sleep, goes off again at 7:10.
    Hit sleep, goes off again at 7:20.
    Get out of bed, get ready for work, leave home at 7:50.
    Get to work at 8:00 :)

    I try to keep it to the 1 snooze hit. Any more than that and things have to be trimmed from my already slim, 15 minute morning routine (dress, eat, teeth, out the door), or I'm late.
    Everything else, is done the night before (ie shit, shower, shave, lunch) or at work after logging in (ie morning piss).
    2 snoozes and I can be out the door within 5 minutes of the alarm getting me up and arrive at work about 2 minutes late. Brekky has to be at work on those days.

    My TV in the bedroom comes on at 7:30am & I watch the news/snooze & get up at 8am

    My clock alarm is set to radio and I generally leave it on and listen to it for a while until I get out of bed about 15 to 20 minutes latter. Although I have been known to fall back asleep with the alarm going and be late for work.

    The other morning I slept through (or turned off in my sleep) an hour long loud radio, a 20 minute long buzzer, and a phone alarm going off every 5 minutes for an hour.

    It would appear my routine is similar to a few people here. Hit the snooze button three or four times and then get up.

    Logically, I don't see the point. I never feel more inclined to get up after the several snoozes then after the first alarm.

    I also have the radio turn on. I can never really follow what people are saying, their voices just kinda mix in with my dreams.

    I don't use an alarm clock. I get up when I wake up. I go to work five or six hours later.

    My partner gets up at 6:50am - 7am, I then sleep for another 45 minutes until she starts bashing me in the head to get up or she'll be 10 minutes late ... again. :P

    I have an 18 month old. I dream of the days I used to sleep long enough to need an alarm clock.

    Usually a few snoozes. I find it interesting that the snooze on most alarm clocks seems set for 9 minutes. Wonder why?

      You sure it's not 10 minutes from the moment the alarm starts going off?

    Alarm, 6.30, alarm 7, alarm 7.15,
    By 15 past im ready to get up... seems to work for me. Sumtimes feel good at 7 so get up then

    I'm one of those people who gets up immediately as the alarm goes off. That said, I set the alarm to the latest time I can get away with, so if I did snooze, I'd certainly be late.

    I usually set two alarms. One thirty minutes before I need to get up (6:30), and one when I need to get up (7:00).

    So I get up at 6:30, feeling slightly muggy, hit snooze, and have a 30 minute "power nap", resting on that place between consciousness and sleep. When the alarm goes off at 7:00, I get up, feeling more refreshed than what I would have by just get 7:00 anyway.

    And on the weekend: Bed by 6am, wake whenever.

      by just getting up at 7:00 anyway*

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