Hit Stop -> Stop -> Play To Skip DVD Trailers, Warnings

If you've watched one DVD in your life, you know how annoying the endless title screens, trailers and warnings are — primarily because you're often prevented from skipping them. Unless you know the right remote control shortcut, that is.

The always-helpful Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration rounds up several methods for skipping the trailers, warnings and other crap on a DVD so you can get straight to the movie you're trying to watch. The first tip, from CNET author Tom Merritt, is the easiest. Just press Stop, Stop, then Play on many DVDs to skip right to the movie. This method won't always work, so if it doesn't, don't give up hope! If twice doesn't work, Salon.com's Richard Rider says pressing Stop three times, followed by Play, will do the trick.

Finally, if you're on a laptop or desktop computer, Lifehacker alum Rick Broida had this to say:

I popped in a DVD and fired up Windows Media Player. When the first splash screen appeared, I clicked the player's Stop button. Then I clicked Play, and the disc skipped ahead to the previews. I repeated the process - Stop, then Play - and it advanced to the FBI warning. I did it a third time and presto: I landed right on the movie's menu screen.

These tricks may not work every time and with every DVD, but thank god for the times they do. Got a trick of your own that does the trick? Share it in the comments. Photo by bizmac.

Skip the DVD Trailers & Go Straight to the Movie [Digital Inspiration]


    On VLC, on some DVDs, you can right click on the initial video that plays and select "Video -> Root Menu" or similar (depends on VLC version where "Root Menu" resides). This takes you to the setup screen (languages/subtitles) and you can play the video from there.

    Alternatively, you can load the video directly from the VOB files - the movie is usually the largest file on the disc, so use file explorer and pick the first listed large VOB file and open it with your favorite video player.

    I've never owned an actual DVD player - only ever watched DVDs using Linux systems. And I've never had to sit through an "unskippable" anti-piracy warning or preview.

    Currently using XBMC, and it happily lets me fast-forward or skip through them.

    I actually had a DVD where the stop button was disabled during the legal documentation. It was at the end of a TV series (one of the Stargate Atlantis series I seem to remember) and it had to show it in every language (not just the languages related to Region 4).

    And they wonder why people pirate.

      Yep...nerdy admission, but on EVERY SINGLE DISC of all the stargate series this happens, I learnt over time to stop the episode at the end credits or risk having to power down the dvd player. This was never an issue if you played all episodes as at the end of each episode it'd skip to the next, until the end where it would come up with the warnings, but if you've watch them all you may as well eject the disc and watch the next disc =) ...I love Sstargate so much haha

    I remember watching an anime series once, where they had the voice actors voice over (as their characters) the piracy warning. It was so funny, I HAD to watch each one just to see what they would say.

    Learn a lesson, people don't care, but if you make it funny, they just might get a laugh out of it and might even pay attention...right before they slip it into the burner...

    Skippable warnings, there's a good idea

    I stopped buying dvd's years ago because of those trailers. Even now if I want to watch a movie I have the dvd of I'd rather download it and watch the download version. If this trick works on my old dusty dvd player I might just start buying them again.

    I'm pretty sure if I did that on my DVD player it would stop, then get rid of all disc history and then start it at the beginning again.

      Same with mine. Stop once will act as a bigger pause (will go back to the DVD player start up screen, but can still resume), stop twice will wipe the history and go back to the disc main menu.

      I have managed to fast forward on 8x speed through these, when the skip button doesn't work. Maybe try that?

    Using the Root Menu trick in WMP does it for me.

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