Google Image Relinker Skips You Right To The Full-Size Image

Google Image Relinker Skips You Right To The Full-Size Image

Firefox w/ Greasemonkey: If you search Google Images with the intent to jump right to the full-size image and not to check out the site itself, this script will save you an extra click every time.

It might seem like a small thing to tweak, but if you frequently hit up Google Images and hate the current flow of Find Image -> Click Image -> See Full Size Image and would prefer it to be Find Image -> See Full Size Image then Google Image Relinker will hack the middle step out of your image search workflow. Want to see the actual site? Just toggle Greasemonkey off and take a peek.

Google Image Relinker is a free Greasemonkey script and requires Firefox with Greasemonkey installed. Have a tip, trick or user script to speed up your workflow? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Google Image Relinker [via Addictive Tips]


  • @adumbguy: um, so downloading an image is stealing?! you do realise that every time you view an image on the internet that it is downloaded to your computer whether you like it or not? just because it is buried in the cache doesn’t mean you’re not a thief by your definition.

    so everyone who allows images to be displayed in their browser is a thief? must be why no one but you seems to give a sh*t … let me guess – yr an apple fanboy whose view of theft was seriously impaired by the gizmodo affair?

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