From The Tips Box: USB Cables, SD Card Labels, Shower Cap Uses

From The Tips Box: USB Cables, SD Card Labels, Shower Cap Uses

Readers offer their best tips for squeezing USB cables into tight places, labelling SD cards, and clever kitchen uses for shower caps.

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Create 90 Degree USB Cables for Tight Spots

valmorphorize shows us how he fits USB cables into areas without having it stick out:

Got a device with little clearance or perhaps a monitor with usb ports on the side but don’t want an ugly cable sticking straight out and looking bulky. Simply cut the plastic shielding from the metal housing of the usb cable and look for the crimp on one side of the metal shielding. Grasp the plug firmly and push the plug in towards the crimp (as if the plug was part of your thumb so that it bends the same as your thumb). You now have a 90 degree bend in your cable and can stash it away a lot easier.

Use Post-It Tabs to Label SD Cards

Photo by Chris Phan.

incident8 tells us the best way to keep track of what’s on all those SD cards lying around:

Use Scotch 3M Post-It tabs (like these) to label SD cards. They go right in the SD slot without pealing off or getting in the way. They come off clean and are fairly cheap. Not much room but enough for a reminder.

Use a Shower Cap to Cover Food

A3sthetix gives us a clever use for the kitchen:

Use a shower cap (from the dollar store) to cover food for quick fridge storage. Reusable and hassle-free. Try to get the transparent types so you can see your edibles!

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