From The Tips Box: Auto-Add iTunes, Learning Languages, Future Budgeting

Readers offer their best tips on automatically adding files to iTunes, learning new languages through exposure, and keeping shoes fresh and clean.

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Create Shortcut to Auto-Add Files to iTunes

A.Nonymous shares how he automatically adds files to iTunes after our recent guide:

I made a custom send to shortcut, to automatically add files to the iTunes library.

Just simply type into Windows Explorer "shell:sendto" (without the quotation marks) and from there you can add custom shortcuts.

Mine's as follows:

1. Automatically add to iTunes.

2. Send to Desktop (Create shortcut)

3. Add to archive. (7-zip)

4. Scan with Virustotal.

Turn Other Languages on To Gain More Exposure

TheOtherHalf lets us know one way to immerse yourself in a language you're trying to learn:

If you're learning another language, one small thing you can do to get used to seeing that language all the time is to change your Facebook language settings to that language. At the bottom of Facebook is a link that allows you to choose from many languages (several, including Pirate are in beta [isn't everything in beta?] ).

This also works with other stuff too: You can change your iPhone's language, change your PC's language, watch DVDs in different languages (or with subtitles in different languages), etc.

Start Your New Budget Now to See if it Will Work in the Future

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adam.creasy explains how to easily make a budget-changing decision:

Looking for a new home but not sure how much mortgage you can afford? Try taking the amount you think you can afford per month and subtracting it from the amount you currently pay and the resulting number, deposit into a savings account for a few months. See how the resulting higher payment affects your finances, you will know very quickly how much of a mortgage payment you can afford without the danger of being locked into something. Sometimes a mortgage payment on paper looks easier to manage than it actually is. This is a helpful to to find out exactly what your family can handle paying. At the end of your trial you will have the money in savings to either pay down debt or apply towards the purchase of a new home.

Keep Silicone Packets to Keep Shoes Dry and Fresh

Jeremy tells us how he stays comfortable in his tennis shoes:

When I buy new shoes or any other product that come with packets of silicone beads, I reuse them (as in reduce, reuse and recycle) by placing several packets in my shoes overnight, or longer. The beads help pull/absorb the moisture out of my shoes, thus eliminating odor and keeping my shoes smelling fresh. This is especially good for tennis shoes. Occasionally the paper packets of beads begin to break down and I have to dispose of them but overall they tend to last for a year or two.


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